Our A3 approach applies to both SemanticWeb and Brain Intelligence domain. A3 approach offers a new data model which "makes abstraction from URI details" in the standards of SemanticWeb and allows to focus on the logics. We build the logic layer and persistence layer of all our products according the ideas of the A3 approach. The report on our methodology "A Wholebrain approach to the Web" was included in the session "New Computing Paradigms for Web Intelligence and Brain Informatics" at Web Intelligence — Intelligent Agent technology Conference, Silicon Valley, Nov 2-5, 2007. more

Our projects

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SemanticStudio is an ontology development tool with presentations in all formats used on SemanticWeb (RDF/XML, N3, NTriples) as well as visual presentation and a user friendly presentation called Design Mode which allows to enter the data without deep knowledge of the standards of SemanticWeb. The user can develop the model by working with any presentation and can switch to another presentation, including the graphical, to continue development from there. more

A web server for delivery of content from various semantic repositories across the web, as well as for management of semantic repositories hosts. It has strong meta-data management features and it allows you to use arbitrary vocabularies for the description of resources. A semantic repository can be a triples store, an ontology store, or it can contain any digital artifacts — multimedia, programs, documents, etc. It comes with a SPARQL processor to search resources by meta-data. more